Work with your Playlist on the Timeline

The Timeline (in the lower half of the RecordForAll window) is a visual representation of the tracks in your Playlist. Each horizontal row in the Timeline represents an individual track in your Playlist; it also shows you where the tracks overlap. The hills and valleys (or the audio plot) correspond to changes in volume.

Within the Timeline, you can:

RecordForAll uses non-destructive editing. This means that no matter how much you edit a track in the Timeline, you never really change the original file. You can always get back to it. With this approach, your onscreen editing goes much faster than if you were working on the original file, and your working files are much smaller, saving space on your hard disk. In addition, RecordForAll has a robust "Undo" feature that can undo almost anything you do in the Playlist and the Timeline. (Be careful, though; there's no Undo in the Library.)

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