An introduction to podcasting

Creating a show to podcast with RecordForAll takes a few simple steps.

First, record the voice clips you want to use in your show. Be sure to review the tips on voice recording and how to create a successful podcast.

Next, you'll drag and drop your voice clips on to the Timeline to create a playlist.

Then, you can add background music, sound overlays, transitions between clips it's up to you and your imagination. You might want your show to be talk only, or you might be interested in creating a layered audio experience.

Once you've got your show the way you want it, you can export it directly to a portable device. Or, you can reach listeners from all around the world by publishing your podcast to the web. RecordForAll is designed to be easily used with FeedForAll for creating and publishing your podcast. With RecordForAll and FeedForAll, you can even create podcasts for inclusion in the popular iTunes music store.

In addition to giving you the tools to create a professional sounding podcast show, RecordForAll contains music mixing features that can transform you from podcaster to DJ. If you want to learn more about creating DJ style dance mixes, check out the Beat Mixing topics in this help system.

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