Importing tracks into the Library

When you import tracks into RecordForAll, you're essentially adding tracks in the form of MP3 (filename.MP3), Windows Media Audio (filename.WMA), and WAV files (filename.WAV) to the Library.

If you're importing from iTunes, make sure you've set the iTunes format to MP3. RecordForAll doesn't support the iTunes AAC format. You may want to change your iTunes setting before you rip your CDs or convert your files – that way they'll be ready to go in RecordForAll.

When RecordForAll processes an imported file that includes sound, it does the following:

This processing may take only a few seconds or up to a few minutes. When the track is fully processed, RecordForAll displays the BPM, the length, and, if you've already put the track in the Playlist, the audio plot as well.

See below

To add sound files to the Library from Windows Explorer

To import one or more files into the Library

  1. Above the Library, click Add Files to the Library.

  2. In the Add Files box, select the method you want to use.

  3. Browse to the files or folders you want to add and click Open.

Another way to import files is to open a Playlist that contains new tracks—for example, if someone shared a Playlist with you or you're bringing in a Playlist from another program. To do this, click Open Playlist on the File menu. Find the Playlist, and click Open. Any tracks on the Playlist that are new to your Library are automatically added to it—and RecordForAll ignores duplicates.