Choosing the Library columns you want to display

When you import a sound file into the Library, any available details about that track will be imported with it. Additionally, RecordForAll automatically calculates the BPM and Time.

There are different types of information that may be associated with a file. These bits of information can come in automatically when you import the file, or they can be calculated by RecordForAll or added manually. Each type of information is represented by a Library column, including Title, Artist, BPM, Album, Time, Year, Genre, and Filename.

On the View menu, you can specify which of these columns you want to display. You can also see the available columns by right-clicking any of the column headings in the Library.

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To display a particular column of information in the Library

A check mark next to a column's name indicates that the column is currently displayed in the Library.



To hide a particular column of information in the Library