Listening to your show

The play buttons on the Play Control Toolbar are perfect for use in building a show. This is the most flexible way to listen to a show, as you can start and stop playback, pause, and skip forward or backward between tracks.

To find out what a particular button does, point to it in the RecordForAll window for a screen tip.

See below

To listen to your entire Playlist

As you listen to your Playlist, you can get quick information on the total Playlist and current track play time by looking above the Timeline. RecordForAll displays the TOTAL play time (in hours:minutes:seconds) and the CURRENT track's elapsed time as it plays.

To pause playing

To stop playing

To listen to your Playlist starting with a particular track

  1. Click the track in the Playlist.

  2. Click Play.
    RecordForAll starts playing at the beginning of track you selected.

You can also start playing your show by double-clicking the Timeline ruler at any point. (The Timeline ruler is the gray strip at the top of the Timeline that shows the play time.) Or, double-click a track in the Playlist to start playing the show at the beginning of that track.

To listen to your Playlist from a certain point

  1. Click in the Timeline to put the cursor (a flashing vertical line) at the point where you want to start playing.

  2. Click Play.