Adjusting the overlap between tracks

You don't have to be a whiz to achieve great results with RecordForAll. In fact, even if you simply create a Playlist and play it, the entire show will sound remarkably good. RecordForAll uses the volume profiles of tracks to determine where the ending of one track begins (the Outro) and where the beginning of the next track ends (the Intro). It then sets up the tracks so that the Outro and the Intro overlap.

If you feel like experimenting, it's easy to adjust the transition between any two tracks to get the sound you want. This topic introduces how to adjust the overlap between tracks that use Crossfade Mixing.

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About sprockets

Each transition that uses Crossfade Mixing automatically comes with one "sprocket" at the end of the first track and another at the beginning of the next track. Just as sprockets help film move through a film projector, RecordForAll sprockets link two tracks at a particular place. Sprockets determine the overlap between tracks, and they also typically indicate the beginning of a fade-out.

Sprocket details

To increase the overlap between tracks

To reduce the overlap between tracks

To create silence between tracks