Adjusting the volume

Just as RecordForAll automatically determines the best place to overlap tracks, it also automatically sets the volume for fade-outs between tracks. In Crossfade Mixing, RecordForAll starts a track playing at full volume, and starts fading out the volume at the Outro Sprocket. The blue square volume markers show how RecordForAll cross fades between tracks; when you move the sprockets, the volume markers move with them.

You can however change the Crossfade Mix (sometimes referred to as "radio-style" mixing) by changing the fade of a track. You can adjust the volume of an entire track or at a specific point in a track by adding and moving volume markers.

There will be times when the volume of your Playlist is inconsistent from track to track. To fix this you can "normalize" the volume, ensuring that all the tracks in your show play at the same volume. If the original differences in volume were dramatic, you may experience a distortion of very soft, subdued sounds, or a loss of dynamic range of very loud sounds. However, normalization is a non-destructive playback option. That is, RecordForAll does not make any changes to the original sound file.

The range of volume markers is measured in decibels (dB), the unit of measure that professional recording equipment uses. The most common volume marker is at 0dB, which means that the track is playing at full volume. If you increase the volume of a track by moving the volume marker upwards, this generates higher dB numbers; moving it lower generates lower dB numbers.

See below

To adjust the volume of a track at a particular point

To set a specific value for the volume at a particular point

Sometimes you want to set a specific volume that you can't easily get by dragging the volume marker.

  1. Right-click the volume marker whose value you want to set, and choose Edit.
    A white box with the decibel value in it appears.

  2. Type the decibel value you want, and press Enter.

To add a volume marker

To remove a volume marker you added

You can remove only those volume markers that you add, not the ones that RecordForAll creates.