Splitting a track into segments

In RecordForAll, a segment is simply a piece of a track that you can work with. When you drag a track into a Playlist, by default it consists of only one segment. You can, however, split a track into two or more segments.

For example, you can take a ten-minute dialog and chop it into a few segments—the intro, second speaker, a different topic, etc. You can now easily delete or copy sections to rearrange the track. You can also move segments, make segments longer or shorter, and so on.

As you start chopping up tracks, remember that RecordForAll uses non-destructive editing. No matter how much you edit a segment, you never really change the original sound file, so you can always get back to it. There are added benefits, too: your onscreen editing goes much faster and your working files are much smaller. Remember, too, that you can use the "Undo" feature to undo almost anything you do to the Playlist and in the Timeline.

By default, a track has only one segment.

A track split into two segments, the second of which has been repositioned by dragging its title bar to the right.

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To select a segment

To split a track (or a segment) into segments

  1. In the Timeline, click a track (or an existing segment) at the point where you want to split it in two.
    A flashing vertical cursor appears.

  2. Right-click the Timeline, and choose Split Segment at Cursor.

You can also drag across a portion of the track to select it.

To merge two segments into one

  1. In the Timeline, click a track that you've already split into two or more segments.

  2. Drag the edge of the first segment so it covers the entire second segment.

  3. Repeat Step 2 as necessary.