Adjusting how beat-mixed tracks line up with each other

You can only use Beat Mixing between tracks that have Intro or Outro Ranges that are one measure or longer. The first beat of each measure is marked with a vertical green stripe. Use the Adjust Zoom slider bar to zoom in and see the individual beats.

You can also use the mouse wheel—the middle button on your mouse—to zoom in or out. Roll the wheel forward to zoom in for more detail; roll it backward to zoom out for less.

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To preview a track before moving ranges

  1. Click in the audio plot near the end of a track.

  2. At the left of that track, click Play this Track By Itself.

  3. Mark this point by clicking in the Timeline.

You may find it handy to use the Spacebar on your keyboard to stop (and resume) playback.

To adjust the Intro and Outro Ranges

You can move either the Intro or Outro Range or both; you can also change the length of each. Some tracks sound great with a 24-measure overlap; others should be much shorter.

RecordForAll overlaps the tracks based on measures, so it won't follow the sprocket positions strictly. For example, if the first track has a two-measure Outro while the second track has a three-measure Intro, only the last two measures will be linked up.

  1. To move the Intro or Outro Range, click in the horizontal red bar at the top, and drag it so the left edge is where you want the Intro or Outro Range to start.

  2. Change the length of the Intro or Outro Range by dragging the sprockets left or right.

When you drag the Intro or Outro Range, RecordForAll snaps the position to the closest beat position that it finds. Generally, this snap size is eighth notes or 1/2 of a beat. By default, RecordForAll also snaps the width of the Intro and Outro to measures (four beats). If you need greater control of the Intro and Outro, you can disable Snap To Beat from the Tools menu.