Use Beat Mixing

If you're using voice recordings only, you may want to skip this part of the help system.

If your show includes a lot of back-to-back music with heavy beats, you'll want to try out Beat Mixing. DJs in dance clubs use Beat Mixing (also known as beat matching) to keep the groove going. It refers to the art of changing the speed—or beats per minute (BPM)—so that both tracks have the same BPM at the point where they overlap. Because the beats of the two tracks are coordinated, the transition between tracks is hard to detect, so you get a seamless transition between tracks with different beats per minute.

Because it's unlikely that your Playlist will include tracks with the exact same beats per minute (BPM), you can use RecordForAll to create seamless transitions between tracks with the help of Beat Mixing.

To get started using Beat Mixing, check out:

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