Using Snap To Beat

Snap To Beat is the RecordForAll feature for snapping a variety of things to the beat—sprockets, label markers, a segment, and so on—and ensures that they snap to the beat no matter where you drop or drag them.

Because Snap to Beat lets you paste sections of music according to beats and measures, it helps you achieve results that are more likely to make sense musically. Suppose you have Beat Mixing turned on, and you want to extend a track's four-beat drum intro to 12 beats so that you have more time to mix it with the previous track. Using Snap to Beat, it's easy to select and copy the four-beat measure and paste it twice to extend the intro to 12 beats. RecordForAll snaps the position of the beginning of the range to the closest eighth note by default.

Keep in mind that in RecordForAll, a measure = four beats, a quarter note = one beat, and an eighth note = one half of a beat.

When you see the vertical gridlines in your audio plot, Snap to Beat is on. (You may need to zoom in to see these gridlines.)

To turn Snap To Beat on or off

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