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Install RecordForAll on Windows 7

Tutorial Explains How to Install RecordForAll on Windows 7

After you've purchased RecordForAll, you'll receive an email that has a special download link. When downloading that file, save it to your desktop for easy reference later.

2) After you've finished downloading the file, find it on your desktop, then right click on it.

3) Left click on Run as Administrator.

4) Windows 7 will ask if you want to Cancel or Allow. Left click on Allow.

5) When the installation begins, left click on Next.

On the second step, be sure to read the end user license agreement carefully, then put the dot in 'I accept the agreement' and left click on Next.

7) On the third step, enter the same username and organization that you purchased the license with.

8) In the serial number field, enter the serial number that was emailed to you EXACTLY as it was emailed to you.

9) After entering your information, left click on Next.

10) In the fourth step, you can select an installation directory. By default, the program installs itself to the Program Files directory. To change this, left click on Browse. Otherwise, left click on Next.

On the fifth step, put a check in "Create a desktop icon" for easy reference later, then left click on next.

12) On the sixth step, left click on Install.

13) Once the process is complete, since you're using Windows 7, leave Launch Record ForAll unchecked, then left click on Finish.

14) The first time you run the program, find the shortcut on your desktop and right click on it.

15) Left click on Run as Administrator.

16) When you do, Windows 7 will ask if you want to Continue or Cancel. Left click on Continue.


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