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RecordForAll Editing Audio Tags Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Editing Audio Tags
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Editing Audio Tags Video Transcript
Welcome to the second tutorial on how to use the audio library list in RecordForAll.

In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to rename the title, artist, show, and other tags in your audio library.

The first step is to run the program, so, find the icon on your desktop and double click on it.

If you're using the trial version, you'll see this prompt. To purchase the program, left click on the buy Full Version Now button.

To continue with the trial, left click on the Continue button.

Once the program is up, find the library in the upper left hand corner of the program.

Here in the library, you can see the current title, artist, show, and time of your audio files.

To rename the title, artist, or show tags, as well as other information, you can either right click on the file and left click on Edit Tag or you can left click on the file to highlight it, then go to Tools - Edit Tag.

In the Edit Tag dialog, you should see the following fields.

You can edit the information in any of these fields by left clicking in the field and typing whatever you please. Below that, you'll see the Beats Per Minute section.

By default, RecordForAll will automatically detect the beats per minute of an audio recording.

You can, however, modify this by clicking the 1/2x, 2x, or reset it by clicking AutoDetect again.

Once you've entered your information and selected your Beats Per Minute, left click on OK.

You should now see that your audio segment has the new information you've entered.

This concludes the second tutorial on how to use the audio library list in RecordForAll. For more tutorials, including how to add and remove files from the available library, please visit our website, .


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