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How to Add or Remove Sound Clips Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: How to Add or Remove Sound Clips
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How to Add or Remove Sound Clips
Welcome to the first tutorial on how to use the audio segment file list in RecordForAll.

In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to add and remove files from the list.

The first step is to run the program, so, find the icon on your desktop and double click on it.

If you're using the trial version, you'll see this prompt.

To purchase the program, left click on the buy Full Version Now button.

To continue with the trial, left click on the Continue button.

Once in the program, find the audio segment file list here on the left hand side.

This section displays a list of all audio files and segments currently available for use.

This list has four column headings: Title, Artist, Show, and Time. You can sort and resort your file list based on any of the column headings by left clicking on the heading you wish to sort by.

For example, if you want to sort alphabetically by Arist, left click on the Artist heading.

You should also see the Search Library box in the upper right hand corner of this section.

If you enter a search query, the file list will change to only display those items that match the query.

To get it to show you all items again, you can either click on the X or backspace out your query.

To add files to your library, you can either click on the easy reference + in the upper left hand corner of the file list or you can go to File - Add Files to Library.

When you do, the program will bring up this dialog.

If you just want to add a single audio file, select the first option.

If you want to add all audio files within a specific folder, select the second option.

If you want to automatically add all files within specific directories that the program will monitor for new files, select the third option.

In this example, I'm going to add a single file.

So, select the first option and left click OK.

Browse to the location of the audio file you wish to add to the program, select it, then left click on Open.

To remove a file from your lists, find the segment you wish to remove, then left click on it.

You can either hit the delete key on your keyboard or go to Edit - Delete.

When removing a file from the list, you have two options. You can either have the program remove the file from the library only and leave the audio file on your hard drive or you can have it remove the file from the library and delete it from the hard drive.

After selecting your preference, click on OK to have the file removed.

This concludes the first tutorial on how to use the audio segment file list in RecordForAll. For more tutorials, including how to rename audio content and use the current playlist editor, please visit our website, .


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