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How to Record Audio Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: How to Record Audio
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How to Record Audio
Welcome to the tutorial on how to record Audio in RecordForAll.

Before you can record audio, you first need to make sure that you have a microphone plugged in to the microphone port on your computer.

After making sure your microphone is connected, he first step is to run the program, so, find the icon on the desktop and double click on it.

When the program first comes up, the initial tutorial will begin to play.

Left click on Close.

It should be noted that if you're using the demo version of RecordForAll, it will leave a watermark on the audio you create.

So, to access the menu to record audio, you can go to File - Record, hit Ctrl + R on your keyboard, or left click on the Red Record button in the upper left hand corner.

Once in the menu, you'll see this screen.

On the left hand side, you'll also see the Left and Right channel audio register.

When speaking into your microphone, you should be able to see motion on the register, indicating how loud or soft your microphone currently is.

The first option is Device.

If you have multiple audio devices on your computer, you may need to select which device the microphone is currently plugged into.

To select your audio device, left click on the dropdown arrow here, then left click on your preference.

From the input list, select Microphone or Line in, whichever your sound card support.

Below that, you'll notice these two options: Maximize Volume and Apply Noise Filter.

If Maximize volume is selected, the program will enhance the volume of the audio as best it can.

Some microphones, however, are very soft and may need to be adjusted in Windows as well.

Apply Noise Filter will filter out the noise in any silent spaces in your recording.

It will also attempt to filter out background noise and humming.

After selecting your device and audio preferences, left click on the record button.

When finished recording, left click on OK. When you left click on OK, the program will ask you to Label this recording.

In the title, enter the title for this audio segment.

In the artist field, enter the artist, narrator, or producer of this audio segment.

If this audio is being produced for a show, enter the show's name here.

Last we have File Name.

By default, the program will name the file take1, take 2, take3, and so forth.

If you wish to change this, left click on the Browse button. After entering the information and name of this audio segment, left click on OK and it will appear in the file list, project list, and timeline.

This concludes the tutorial on how to record audio in RecordForAll. For more information, including how to add transitions and sound effects, please visit our website, .


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