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RecordForAll Transitions Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: RecordForAll Transitions

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RecordForAll Transitions Video Transcript
Welcome to the tutorial on how to add transitions to your audio in RecordforAll.

The first step is to run the program, so, find the icon on your desktop and double click on it.

If you're using the trial version, you'll see this prompt.

To purchase the program, left click on the buy Full Version Now button.

To continue with the trial, left click on the Continue button.

Once in the program, find the current playlist on the right hand side.

You'll first need to build a playlist. For more information on how to build a playlist, please watch our Playlist tutorials on our website,

After you've built your playlist, you should see Add Transition.

Click on the dropdown arrow next to Add transition.

Currently, there are four available options: No transition, Crossfade, Short Beat Mix, and Long Beat Mix.

No transition indicates that RecordforAll should not use any transition between audio segments.

A Crossfade transition gently transitions by fading out the end of the selected segment while fading in the beginning of the next segment.

A crossfade differs from a simple fade transition in that the latter does not employ a point of overlay where both segments are present at once.

A short beat mix creates an 8-measure mix between this segment and the next segment.

A long beat mix creates a 16-measure mix between this segment and the next segment.

Beat mixing is the style of mixing that disc jockeys at dance clubs use.

It refers to the art of changing the speed, or beats per minute, so that both tracks have the same beats per minute at the point where they overlap.

Because the beats of the two tracks can be coordinated, the transition between tracks is hard to detect, so you get a seamless transition.

After you select your transition preference, the program will now use that transition type between the segment you've selected and the following segment.

This concludes the tutorial on how to add transitions to your audio in RecordforAll. For more tutorials, including how to add sound effects to your audio productions in RecordForAll, please visit our website, .


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