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RecordForAll Vista Installation Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: RecordForAll Vista Installation

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RecordForAll Vista Installation Video Transcript
Welcome to the Tutorial on how to install the RecordForAll Demo Version in Windows Vista.

In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to install RecordForAll in a Windows Vista Environment.

The first step is to visit our website, so open a web browser and go to

You can also click on the link at the bottom of this video tutorial Window, it will open it in a new browser.

There in the center of the page, you should see the RecordForAll section.

Below the RecordForAll section,we have three options: Order Now, Download, and More information.

For the purposes of this tutorial, left click on the Download option.

In the Download section, you can either click on Download site 1 or Download Site 2.

When you click on either link, it may take the website a few seconds to respond but you should see this prompt come up.

Left click on Save.

When asked where you want to save, select the Desktop and then left click on the Save button.

Now that we have the installation file downloaded, find it on the desktop, right click on it, then left click on Run as Administrator.

When you do, you may be prompted by this Open File Security Warning.

Left click on Run.

At this point, Vista will ask if you want to Cancel or Allow.

Left click on Allow.

The installation wizard will begin and take you to the setup screen.

When the installation begins, left click on Next.

On the second step, please read the End User License Agreement Carefully, then put a check in "I accept the agreement, and click Next to proceed.

On the third step, you can choose a destination folder.

By default, the program will install itself to the Program Files directory.

If you wish to specify a different folder, left click on browse.

Otherwise, left click on Next to continue.

Left click on Next on the fourth step.

In the fifth step, you can choose to have the program place a shortcut on your desktop.

Since it makes the program easier to access, put a check in this option and left click on Next.

Click on the Install to begin the installation process.

Once the process is complete, since you're using Windows Vista, leave Launch RecordForAll unchecked, then left click on Finish.

The first time you run the program, find the shortcut on your desktop, right click on it, then left click on Run as Administrator.

When you do, Vista will ask if you want to Continue or Cancel.

Left click on Continue.

This concludes the RecordForAll Demo installation tutorial. Please visit our website,, for more tutorials, including how to configure the program to record and edit audio.


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